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Drs. I Putu Sukmaantara, M.Ed
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Drs (Udayana University), MEd (La Trobe University)


Membership of professional associations

TEFLIN (Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia)


Area of study

Curriculum Design


Intercultural Communication


Brief profile

I Putu Sukmaantara has become a full time lecturer of the faculty since 1990. He got his bachelor (Drs) degree from FKIP Udayana University (now Undiksha Singaraja) and his master degree (MEd) from La Trobe University Australia in 1996, majoring in English Education. He majorly teaches English Curriculum Design, Language Materials Evaluation and Development, ESP Program Development, English for Occupational Purpose, and Intercultural Communication. In addition, he also teaches General English in some other study programs in the faculty. He formerly taught General English, TOEFL Preparation and English for Children in the Language Center of Jember University.


Teaching units

English Curriculum Design

Language Materials Evaluation and Development

ESP Program Development

English for Occupational Purpose

Intercultural Communication

General English


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