Dr. Aan Erlyana Fardhani, M.Pd

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Dr. Aan Erliyana Fardhani, M.Pd
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Dra (State University of Jakarta), M.Pd (Malang State University), Dr. (Malang State University)

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TEFLIN (Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia)

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Aan Erlyana Fardhani is a senior lecturer at English Program withinthe Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of Jember University. She has been working there since 1989. She worked as a Secretary for the Curriculum and Learning Development Center at Lembaga Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Pendidikan / LP3 Universitas Jember from 2014 to 2016. Recently, she is the Head of The Language Center (UPT BSPB) of Jember University.

She got her Bachelor Degree(S1) from the English Department of the Teacher Training and Education (IKIP) of Jakarta in 1988 and completed her Master Degree (S2) in English Education from the Graduate Program of Malang State University in 2001. While she was achieving her Master, she joined a training in the Specialist Certificate Course in Language   Curriculum and Material Development at the Regional English Language Center/RELC Singapore in 1997. Another grant she enjoyed was given by the Directorate of Higher Education General (DIKTI) in 2008 while she was pursuing her Doctoral Degree (S3) in English Education at the Graduate Program of Malang State University. She was sent to Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand for participating the Sandwich-Like DIKTI Program. She graduated in 2012.

She has been teaching at the English Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of Jember University since 1989, she has had experiences in teaching Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Academic Writing, Introduction to Thesis Writing, Vocabulary, Translation, Teaching English Foreign Language (TEFL), Instructional Design, Instructional   Media, Material Development, Seminar on ELT, English for Young Learners, General Writing, Paragraph Writing, Thesis Proposal Writing, Academic Writing, and English for Specific Purpose (ESP) – Economics, Agriculture, Biology and Mathematics, yet she is majoring in Academic Writing. She also has taught English for Specific Purposes at Faculties of Economics, Agriculture, Mathematics and Science,Engineering Faculty and Language Center of Jember University. She also has been hired to teach at some other institutions for some different subjects. She worked at the State Polytechnic of Jember (POLIJE) in 2001-2003, The Language Department of Islamic Higher Institution of Jember (STAIN) in 2003-2006, the Sainteks Faculty of UIN Malang in 2009-2010, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of Islamic Jember University since 1992-now. Recently she work as English trainer for STAIN non-English Lecturers.

She had actively developed the English student handbooks for POLIJE and STAIN as an editor, a consultant and author. She also had written some student handouts for her subject courses. Her books on Translation had been published in 2010 by UIN MALIKI Press and Paragraph Writing was in 2012 by Jember University Press. She was a co-writer with Handoyo Puji Widodo in writing a book chapter on the topic of the Indigenous Language. The book was publishe by NOVE SCIENCE – New York in 2011.

The research projects she has experienced were on the area of gender and writing ability, child language acquisition, ESP testdevelopment, and translation.

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