Dra. Siti Sundari, MA


Dra. Siti Sundari, MA
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Dra (Jember University), MA (Ohio State University)

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TEFLIN (Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia)

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Siti Sundari got her Bachelor Degree from the Faculty of Letters of Jember University in 1985. Then, she got Master Degree from Ohio State University, Columbus, USA in 1996. She has been teaching English at the English Education Program of the Language and Arts Department of FKIP, Jember University since 1988. She is an expert in the field of linguistics. In the teaching learning process, the subjects she usually teaches are Grammar (Standard English Grammar, Advanced   English Grammar), Writing (Introduction to Paragraph Writing, Introduction to Thesis Writing), English Phonology and Phonetics, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Functional Language Analysis, and Undergraduate Research Proposal Writing. In the field of research, she has interest in conducting classroom action researches in her classes to improve the students’ learning results. She also writes the articles of the research results in the EFL Journal Education that belongs to the English Education Program. Besides teaching at FKIP, she also teaches English at the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Economics.

Teaching units

Standard English Grammar

Advanced English Grammar

Introduction to Paragraph Writing

Introduction to Thesis Writing

English Phonology and Phonetics

Systemic Functional Linguistics

Functional Language Analysis

Undergraduate Research Proposal Writing

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