Dra. Wiwiek Eko Bindarti, M.Pd

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Dra. Wiwiek Eko Bindarti, MPd
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Dra (IKIP MALANG/State University of Malang), MPd (IKIP MALANG/State University of Malang)

Membership of professional associations

TEFLIN (Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia)

Area of study

English Education/Applied Linguistics

Brief profile

Wiwiek Eko Bindarti has become a full time lecturer of the Education and Pedagogical Faculty (FKIP), Jember University since 1984. She got her bachelor (Dra) degree from IKIP MALANG (now The State University of Malang) in January 1983 and her master degree (M.Pd) from the same institute in 1999, majoring in English Education. She used to be one of the English teachers teaching at SMP FKIP 1 Unej (now SMPN 8 Jember) and SMA Kartika Chandra Kirana, Jember from 1983 up to 1996. Besides, from 1994 to 1997, she was also one of the lecturers at the English Department of Muhammadiyah University, Jember and IKIP PGRI Jember. In addition, she also used to be one of the instructors at UPT-Bahasa (the Language Center) of Jember University from 1997 to 2010. In the odd semester, she usually teaches: Standard English Grammar, ELT Media, Standard English Pronunciation, English Story Telling, and English for non-English Department/Program students at FKIP Unej. Meanwhile, some courses which are usually taught in the even semester are: Language Assessment, Advanced English Grammar, Micro Teaching, World Englishes Pronunciation, English for Secretary, and Business English. Besides being a lecturer, she was assigned as the head of the English Study Program for the students of Diploma III from 1987 up to 1990, and the head of the English Study Program for S1 students at FKIP Unej from 1990 up to 1995. Then was the head of the Department of Language and Arts FKIP Unej. from 2000 to 2004. From the year 2005 – 2009 , she was the vice dean for Education and Academic Affairs (Pembantu Dekan I) FKIP Unej. From 2010 to 2014 she was appointed the head of UKPP-SKP (Unit Kurikulum dan Pengembangan Pembelajaran – Sertifikasi Kompetensi Pendidik). From 2014 up to now, she has been assigned as one of the members of GPM (Gugus Penjamin Mutu/Quality Assurance) at FKIP Unej.

Teaching units

Standard English Grammar

ELT Media

Standard English Pronunciation

English Story Telling

Language Assessment

Advanced English Grammar

Micro Teaching

World Englishes Pronunciation

English for Secretary

Business English

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