Dra. Zakiyah Tasnim, MA

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Dra. Zakiyah Tasnim, MA
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Dra (Surabaya State University), MA (Macquire University, Sydney)
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TEFLIN (Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia)
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Language Assessment

Instructional Design

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Zakiyah Tasnim is a lecturer of English Department of Teacher Training and Education of Jember University. She has been working here since 1987 after finishing her S1 degree at the State University of Surabaya in 1985. She got her master degree in 1997 from Macquarie University Australia majoring in Appied Linguistics. She was the head of English Laboratory from 1998 up to 2001 in this faculty. She was the coordinator of the Extra-Curricular of Language Centre of Jember University from 2002 up to 2010. In the odd semester she teaches Instructional Design, Intensive Reading, and Critical reading and Literacy; and in the even semester she teaches Language Assessment, MicroTeaching, Seminar On ELT.

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Instructional Design

Intensive Reading

Critical reading and Literacy

Language Assessment


Seminar On ELT


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